Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I NEED HELP!!! I have been trying to come up with a name for my boutique. This is so hard for me, I consider myself a creative person but those creative juices were just not flowing. I want something catchy, cute and reflects me and the things I sell. I had the same problem naming my salon (a friend came up with that name). OK so I got my Thesaurus out and started looking up words like style, chic, fashion and this is what I came up with " Swanky Rose Boutique" or "Swanky Boutique" or I could just go with "Sugars Obsessions Boutique". If anyone has any suggestions or a comment I would love to hear it. I will soon be selling my jewelry and clothing from my blog. This is the first week to have my boutique open in the salon. Its been a good week.



  1. Hi Rosie! Thanks so much for your compliments! As far as getting my name on the pics...it turned out being SO much easier than I thought. I used the free photo editing program called Picasa. There's an option called "Add Text" and it's so much easier than other programs I have. You can choose from any font you have in your computer. It also has a sliding bar to make it more solid or clear-ish. Picasa works with Blogger so you can upload the photos directly to your online album, it's so much faster than one at a time during your post.
    I love your jewelry! Your trunk sale looked so nice. As far as your name goes, I actually like what you used for your post title...something like Vintage Twist or Tarnished and Twisted - a Vintage Inspired Fashion Boutique. Just ideas.
    I look forward to following and seeing all of your other creations. Where are you located?
    PS It's super easy for people to email you back from a comment you leave if you unblock your email address in your blogger settings. I didn't know that forever and I wondered why people hardly ever responded to my comments on their blogs. A lot of them won't take the time to link back to your blog to communicate. They just want to hit "reply" while they're reading your comment via their email. Just passing along a tip that someone shared with me.
    I hope you have a super blessed week! I really look forward to seeing more!

  2. Missy, thank you for your tips and ideas. I had no idea I had a email option. I'm in Waco, TX. I downloaded Picasa and have been playing with it. I'm sure I will enjoy it once I master it. Thanks again.

  3. Hi Rosie!
    You are so welcome! I didn't know there was an email option either. There's still a lot I don't know but it helps when people share what they know. So glad you got Picasa. I've only played with it a little too but I do like how it's mostly pretty easy. I even did my first photo mosaic a couple weeks ago.
    PS One more tip....just so you know, if you respond to someone's post comment by posting your own comment, they do not get notified unless they subscribe to that specific post and that's not typical. I only saw this because I clicked on your comments option to see if mine had posted then I read yours (blogger has been acting up lately for people to leave comments, ugh!). It's super easy if you just hit Reply when you're reading the comments via your email. You'll see how much easier and faster it is.
    I really hope I'm not offending you with my "tips". I wish someone would've explained some of the basic stuff to me when I started. I still am learning but I wish I knew a little more in the beginning.
    Anyway, I love your rosettes! I made a bunch so similar for a wedding I did for a friend a couple of months ago. I've been experimenting more, it's addicting! I look forward to seeing more of your creations. Oh, almost forgot, I LOVE Texas, in fact I've been to Waco, we used to have family there now they're in Spring, near Houston.
    Have a super blessed week!